Three Ponds Valley FCI


Sky-zaliczyła testy

Z Finlandii dotarły do nas bardzo miłe informacje. SUNNY SKY Three Ponds Valley "Sky" zaliczyła testy. Oto co napisała Heidi- właścicielka Sky.
Today was the spaniel working ability test for little Sky and she did pass the test! We are so proud of her.
Her evalution was;
Social behavior
Young bitch that is looking around and is behaving happily with others.
Search and shooting
Young Sky starts really fast and then in the ground is lot of tracks, rabbit droppings and places where they have been laying, so she get more slow and then when the ground does change for different she continues and do search more widely. She keeps well contact with handler.
(she didn't get afraid of shooting)
Starts with a bit unsure and wondering. Does track with groundscent. A bit hard to go when there is some trees fall down. In corner she is really specific. Is interested of the rabbit.
Sky swims, brings the gamestick to shorewater and starts to play with it, from second command takes it to her mouth and brings to handler.
Was a bit cracking in waterpart
Overall picture
Will have better connection when Sky just gets more age
Really pleased with her
Gratulujemy Heidi i jej wspaniałej Sky.